Nerd Note: Using Its Correctly

Writing that incorrectly uses its and it’s is one of my pet peeves. Are you using its correctly?

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This Week’s Media Jobs

I post an updated list of media jobs each Monday. I post a new list each week, so it may be worthwhile to look at two or three weeks’ posts, as many of those entires likely have not expired. I appreciate you passing the list(s) along to anyone you know who is seeking employment in the media industry. If you’re curious about why I post media jobs, … [Read More...]


Book Review: Sea Change

Sometimes you read a book in which the author ruins the plot by trying to do too much. That was the case in Sea Change by Karen White. The book is the story of Ava Whalen, a 34-year-old newlywed who is afraid of water but finds herself married and living on an island with her new husband. While on the island, Ava discovers that strange feelings … [Read More...]


How to Pitch Stories to Journalists

Public relations practitioners have more methods than ever to deliver messages to their publics. Websites, blogs and an array of social media make it easier for PR pros to communicate directly with their chosen audiences. While these tools are helpful in your communication toolbox, they are additions, not replacements. This means PR pros still … [Read More...]

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