The Class of 2018 Mindset, or How I’m Officially Old

Either I’m getting older or my students are getting younger because there are a lot of things I’ve experienced that the Class of 2018 never even heard of.

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Mean Teacher

7 Things Professors Do that Annoy Students

Professors may be experts, but we’re certainly not perfect. Being vague about criteria for course success, refusing to give As, wearing distracting clothing, and spitting on students while talking are just a few of the things professors do that irritate students. This post is the flip side to my post 12 Ways to Tick Off Your Professor. Straight … [Read More...]

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12 Ways to Tick Off Your Professor

My stepfather used to say that anytime you get a new boss, you should ask what his or her greatest pet peeve is and then never do that thing. I’ve relayed the story to many students. I’ve even used it as a lead-in to discuss some of my own pet peeves, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I thought about using it to help students succeed in my … [Read More...]

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This Week’s Media Jobs

I post an updated list of media jobs each Monday. I post a new list each week, so it may be worthwhile to look at two or three weeks’ posts, as many of those entires likely have not expired. I appreciate you passing the list(s) along to anyone you know who is seeking employment in the media industry. If you’re curious about why I post media jobs, … [Read More...]