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A list of media jobs from across the U.S., updated and posted each Monday.

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Look! Media Internships!

I post an updated list of media internships each Friday. I post a new list each week, so it may be worthwhile to look at two or three weeks’ posts, as many of those entires likely have not expired. I appreciate you passing the list(s) along to anyone you know who is seeking an internship in the media industry. If you’re curious about why I post … [Read More...]

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Nerd Note: Writing about Ladies

You can prove someone is a woman, but you cannot prove she's a lady. I clearly remember my college journalism professor teaching us this little writing mantra. What constitutes a lady is dependent upon who you ask, making it an arbitrary and editorial word. What makes someone a woman is much more concrete. Therefore, when writing about women, be … [Read More...]


Quotable: Use Your Manners

  This is not a quotable post in this blog's typical format because I have no idea who wrote this or created it. Despite those limitations, it still seemed important enough to share with you. I regularly advise my journalism and public relations students to "use the manners your Momma taught you." I'm amazed how many people no longer … [Read More...]

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