Pub Manual 101: Writing a Code of Ethics

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Student journalists experience ethical issues unique to college campuses, making it necessary for student media outlets to have their own codes of ethics. Here’s how to begin writing yours.

Quotable: Graham on News


If news is the “first rough draft of history,” what is your reporting saying?

Quotable: Colin Powell on Media Relations

Colin Powell

This quote from Gen. Powell puts public relations and journalism into context for me. I would love to read your thoughts on my interpretation.

My Journalism Panties


Bob Williams, a former reporter for The Raleigh News & Observer, explains why his ethics are his journalism underpants. Believe it or not, it makes a ton of sense.

It’s Normal to Feel Sad. Yes, Even for You.

Zane's sad face

We are exposed, directly and indirectly, to seemingly constant traumatic happenings—just consider the past few weeks. Here is some advice for how to cope with negative feelings you might be experiencing.