Book Review: All She Ever Wanted #100Books

Sometimes you wish for something that you think you want more than anything else in the world, but you have no idea how to handle it when your wish comes true.

Chelsea Maynard always wanted to be a mother. But, when Annabelle is born, Chelsea is exhausted and overwhelmed by the smallest duties required to care for her.

All She Ever WantedWhile everyone else around her seems to be bonding with Annabelle, Chelsea is convinced that the baby’s constant crying when they’re alone together signifies her knowledge of Chelsea’s failures as a mother.

When Chelsea’s husband, Leo, heads off on a required business trip, she wakes up one morning to find her baby missing.

Chelsea has no idea who would take her baby or if she’s responsible for Annabelle’s disappearance.

All She Ever Wanted by Rosalind Noonan is the most accurate depiction I’ve ever read about the feelings associated with postpartum depression. The book had the potential to help many women who may feel that sort of helplessness at a time when they’re know they’re supposed to be happy.

Instead of building on that storyline, the author incorporated the story of the baby’s disappearance and making everyone around seemingly a suspect. The criminal aspect of the story destroyed all of the credibility Noonan attempted to build at the beginning of the book.

While the book was worth reading, the second storyline was detrimental to the plot. Overall, I was disappointed.



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